Andrei L. Gindilis Consultant, Bioassay Development

Dr. Andrei L. Gindilis

Dr. Andrei L. Gindilis holds a Ph.D in Biochemistry and has over 30 years of professional career experience with protein chemistry and developing bio-assays for practical applications, starting from a proof of feasibility, followed by prototype development, to successful commercialization. Areas of Dr. Gindilis’ technical expertise are molecular diagnostics, bioassay development (immunoassay, enzyme, and nucleic acid assays), development of biosensors (enzyme and immunosensors), microarrays (DNA and immunoarrays), bio-conjugation, surface modification and immobilization of bio-molecules, and protein purification and characterization. In total, Dr Gindilis’ research work has resulted in over 50 peer-reviewed publications and over 30 patents.

Technologies commercialized
1997-2001. At SynectiQ Corporation, Denville, NJ 07834 Lead Development of technology for commercial protein production (bioreactor), purification, and QC.

2001-2007. At CombiMatrix Corporation, Mukilteo, WA Lead development of commercial products, ElectraSense, for electrochemical detection on oligonucleotide microarrays (product launch April 2006).
Developed a biomembrane for in situ electrochemical synthesis of oligonucleotides on the surface of microarrays. (Product of CombiMatrix Corp)

2007- 2013. At SHARP Laboratories of America Inc., Camas, WA Lead development of an impedimetric platform for real time label free detection of probe-target biorecognition, including DNA hybridization. (beta version of the product 2013).

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